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• Strategic planning for the minerals and waste management industries

• Strategic Planning for business

• Archaeological and heritage consultancy

• Corporate social responsibility

• Sustainable resource management

• Facilitation and community engagement

• Restoration of quarry and waste management sites

• Training

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Archaeological and heritage consultancy

Archaeology is an important constraint to development in this country and fairly big business. It is estimated that well over £100 Million is spent on it annually, a significant proportion of which is initiated by the minerals industry. Notwithstanding great public interest in the subject and its cost to development, little is known or understood about archaeology by developers; its interests its concerns or its processes. How many times have developers been told that the latest find is “like Stonehenge without the stones”? Well, we have the means to advise you whether statements like these are true.

̶With a unique appreciation of industry, archaeology and commercial imperatives we offer practical advice in developing cost effective solutions and project management.

We have links with some of the best and most experienced archaeological practitioners in the country and we have a track record of innovative cost saving solutions to archaeological problems.

With our partners we have pioneered a holistic risk approach to archaeological problems where the whole risk of development is taken into account. This involves the reconfiguring archaeological commitments to delivers savings for the developer and a much improved result for archaeology. The scope to re-examine existing commitments is vast and we can deliver savings on almost any scheme.