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• Strategic planning for the minerals and waste management industries

• Strategic Planning for business

• Archaeological and heritage consultancy

• Corporate social responsibility

• Sustainable resource management

• Facilitation and community engagement

• Restoration of quarry and waste management sites

• Training

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Restoration of Quarry & Waste Management Sites

̶The mineral and waste management industries have the ability to significantly change the face of the countryside and restoration of sites has always been an issue for the continuance of working. The Government’s policy on sustainable development includes an aim “to encourage sensitive working, restoration and aftercare practices so as to preserve or enhance the overall quality of the countryside”. Given the increasing demands on the sector to lift the environmental burden of its activities, and protect an ever-increasing list of environmental criteria, the planning and restoration of sites

We can present the latest thinking behind high quality restoration, which is aimed at meeting government objectives. We offer services in the form of organising a restoration and aftercare management monitoring system, design of schemes, contract management and permit approval.