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• Strategic planning for the minerals and waste management industries

• Strategic Planning for business

• Archaeological and heritage consultancy

• Corporate social responsibility

• Sustainable resource management

• Facilitation and community engagement

• Restoration of quarry and waste management sites

• Training

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Quarrying requires a public licence to operate, whether it is a planning, environmental, health and safety, or a trading licence. This need for regulatory approval reminds us that the public is a stakeholder in our business. Current government policy on sustainable development emphasises that we should be striving for sustainable communities; that is, communities which empower people to make their own decisions, which are inclusive and which foster partnerships to get around the sterile disputes that seem to clog up our political life.

̶Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a recognition that our businesses affect society in unusual and unintended ways; that stakeholders benefit from being listened to; that businesses benefit from being transparent about what they are doing and why they are doing it. It is an approach to community engagement that stresses trust, transparency and truthfulness. We provide useful techniques to develop, manage and cement partnerships with local communities.