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• Strategic planning for the minerals and waste management industries

• Strategic Planning for business

• Archaeological and heritage consultancy

• Corporate social responsibility

• Sustainable resource management

• Facilitation and community engagement

• Restoration of quarry and waste management sites

• Training

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Strategic planning for the minerals and waste management industries

The planning system is vital to the future of the minerals and waste industries. For no planning permission means no operational site, and no operational site means no business. Indeed, the basic principle illustrated applies to any industry that consumes land as part of its operations.

There is a need to understand the complex and often arcane concepts of our planning system, and the most painless way to negotiate a way through it.

We take a practical, simple and effective approach to planning problems. We advise what operators can and cannot do, the arrangements they should use to secure mineral or other working rights, how best to go about getting permission when it is needed, and the common pitfalls to avoid if operators want to maintain their chances of success.

̶We have 40 years’ experience of the planning system and our expertise in solving ‘knotty’, complex problems is attractive to customers when they want something out of the ordinary.

We have an enviable track record in negotiating the development plans system for clients being veterans of over 80 Public Local Inquiries and achieving the allocation of over 80 Million tonnes of aggregates for future working plus sites for waste treatment and disposal.